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Wisdom Practices

The Wisdom Practices I share vary constantly. Supporting women through several stages in life is what I love most. 

From Maiden to Mother, Fertility to Birth, Postpartum Journey, Trauma-Release Bodywork Sessions, and Grief Processing. All the work is based on Wise Woman Practices and the understanding of labyrinths and spirals in life and nature. 

  • Birth Trauma Story Medicine
  • Postpartum Support & Processing
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Body Awareness Courses
  • Life Spectrum Reflections
  • Reawakening of Soul’s Calling
  • Birthworker Balancing Sessions
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Life Spectrum Reflections

Whether you have walked through the Portal of Death or Birth, both have a transformational power beyond words. To be in attendance to either of these Sacred Ceremonies of life is to be forever changed.

You may have walked a soul Home to the Great Beyond or lost a loved one so profound that it requires you reorganize your life. This reorganization requires us not only to shift on a physical level but on a soul-level. Our hearts require new things as does our body. We must make space in our body for the transformation to unfold. Quieting our minds, limiting our outside input, and making time to listen deeply within, is all part of the process. We are essentially immersed in the primordial goo, deep within the chrysalis.

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Alison sitting on the ground, reading a book in a sunny day in the woods.

With each family member passing, the family dynamic changes and evolves. Though there may be grief, there is often relief as well. Holding both feels complex and we need space and time to feel settled in the new vibration of life. Finding what brings us joy, reactivates our creativity, and restores our body is a journey. We get glimpses of what is to come, and reality takes longer to come into form. This calls us into patience and trust.

This experience of Life Spectrum Reflections is a gentle unwinding of the heart and rooting into a new experience that fulfills your soul.

  • Reawaken your Sensitivity to the Unseen.
  • Reflect on your Heart’s Longing.
  • Release and Reorganize the Grief as it Comes.
  • Create space for the Body to hold a New Frequency.
  • Allow Yourself to Trust Again.

“You are the Medicine you have been waiting for.”
- Alison Yanni

"As we align to the desire to experience pleasure, joy, synchronicity, and miracles; we are actively disengaging from the past commitment to pain."
- Alison Yanni

Things I wish you knew about your body:

  • You can change your experience of pain
  • You don’t need to hold familial behavior or trauma
  • You can choose joy ‘for no reason’
  • You can be Home in your Body
  • Your words are being mirrored in your cellsand, you can in fact create change and freedom
  • When you grab old beliefs by their root, you can take it out.

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