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The Grounding Principle

The work I practice is grounded in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I find that our bodies have everything necessary to heal and grow. Sometimes one just needs guidance and a hand to hold along the journey.

With the participation of my clients, we work together to find the stories and moments stuck in the body that are creating pain or simply holding us back from living out loud.

In the beginning, the sessions can be considered training and development, in terms of feeling and sensing within your body. Not every session is created equal. Every person may react differently at first depending on where they are emotionally and based on their body’s ability to open and experience. Some visits may be quiet while others more active and in all cases, deep work is being done on a structural, emotional and energetic level. The body is being tuned to a new possibility simultaneous to what the biology thinks is happening. I’m not here to interrupt anyone’s healing journey with my own agenda, only to stand beside them with the lantern while they take their walk. There is power in being neutral because true healing can occur when you know for certain it is coming and can be unattached to timing.

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“The reason I am passionate about this work is because I have seen great transformations.  I have seen clients in severe, immobilizing pain, transform into pain-free, optimistic people.  I have also worked with people who show up unified and balanced; find their way deeper into their body and intuition.  Most empowering is to watch my clients hear the answers to the questions they are currently being faced with, while tuning in on the table.  I truly believe in the body's innate wisdom to heal and grow.  I believe that inside of every person lies the gifts unforeseen to the eyes, waiting to be unfolded.”

Meet Your Facilitator

Alison Yanni, LMT, CST is a Craniosacral Therapist, Healing Facilitator, Speaker and Author dedicated to the physical healing and spiritual growth of her clients. Her respect for the body has led her to guide others in the understanding of how their body provides messages about their health and well-being. Her clients find their own truths from experiencing their own body’s wisdom.

She specializes in trauma, immune dysfunction/dis-ease, obstetrics, pediatrics, women’s health, and major life transitions. By focusing on the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Alison works in collaboration with her clients to discover the hidden stories stored in the body, reprogram the nervous system, and gently release these stories and dysfunction so that the body and spirit can make the necessary corrections to step into balance.

Alison Yanni, a blond woman with short curly hair, with a yellow shirt, smiling at the camera.
Alison wears a white shirt, has her eyes close while resting her hand in a relaxed woman's chest

With over 16 years experience, Alison brings a wealth of knowledge and presence that has even the most complicated cases find hope and healing again. Most clients remark that her work is so much more than Craniosacral Therapy. She cuts the cords from the past, adjusts timelines stored in the body, and begins to shift the biology in ways there are no words for. You can find her private practice, Wisdom of the Body, located in Miami.

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